Per requirements by our insurance carrier, Log Road MX requires that a parent or legal guardian register a minor rider for race AND practice days. For legal purposes, we require a completed liability release and a minor release form by a parent or legal guardian. Additionally, you need a parent or an assigned legal guardian present in the case you require medical treatment.


We will be doing things different this year for minor releases. If you don’t want to have to fill out a minor release at every event. Have both parents present the first time and you can fill out a yearly release. Both parents must be at registration to fill out the forms


If your parent or legal guardian is unable to register a minor racer, you are required to bring a notarized permission note assigning another adult permission to register the minor racer. If you choose this method, please note:

  • The notarized permission note should be downloaded and printed from the Log Road MX website. Or, should be an exact duplicate as shown.
  • You will need a notarized permission note for each day you race or practice. The date shown in the note must match the date of the race or practice.
  • You should have two copies of each notarized permission note. One for Log Road MX, and one for the adult to carry incase medical care is needed.
  • Log Road reserves the right to deny notarized permission notes for any reason.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!