Per requirements by our insurance carrier, Log Road MX requires that BOTH parents or legal guardians register a minor rider for race AND practice days. For legal purposes, we require a completed liability release and a minor release form by BOTH parents or legal guardians. Additionally, you need a parent or an assigned legal guardian present in case you require medical treatment.


We will be doing things different this year for minor releases. If you don’t want to have to fill out a minor release at every event. Have both parents present the first time and you can fill out a yearly release. Both parents must be at registration to fill out the forms


There were some changes with the AMA minor release forms back in 2019, please read below & prepare beforehand!

All D14 events are insured through the AMA. Due to a change in their Insurance Carrier there are some important changes you need to be made aware of before race day:

It is no longer necessary for the minor to sign the release form, however, it is now necessary for both parents to come to sign up and sign the minor release. A notorized permission slip is no longer acceptable.

Either both parents must be together at signup or you must provide proof of the annual waiver on file with the AMA. There are no other options. Also please be advised that clubs/promoters can no longer accept a notarized slip stating that someone can sign your child up. It must be the parents or legal guardian and you must provide proof of legal guardianship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!