Log Road Motocross's track terrain is a somewhat rolling, GP style layout. The track is approximately 1.5 miles long, offering exciting moto's.

There are several different ways to run the layout, so the track is different in some sections from race to race. There are some man-made jumps (single, double, triple jumps, and whoops) in selected areas of track which follow the rolling terrain. All jumps are designed to be as safe as possible. (For example, safe landings that are not peaked on doubles and triples.)

The dirt type at Log Road Motocross is mostly a gravel and sand combination. You'll find that it's loamy, with a few hard pack spots. The ground waters well and dries very fast; even after heavy rains. This makes it possible for Log Road to be run in the early spring.

Tire recommendation is an intermediate to soft terrain tire, (Bridgestone M-70, Dunlap 756).